30 December 2016


sleek makeup highlight palette
Well! Here's my last post for 2016! First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to focus on my blog this year! It's been really difficult maintaining a blog and maintaining my grades in school (I entered law school last year, if you wanted to know).

Anyways, I've officially put "prioritize the blog" on my list of 2017 resolutions! Let's hope I actually stick to my resolutions this coming new year!

Lately I've been really getting into highlighters so when I saw that Sleek was now in the Philippines and that they introduced their highlighting palettes, I immediately got my hands on one of them. Now, I have to be honest, at the time I got this, they only had I think two palettes to choose from but I think they've released a few more palettes since then so obviously, I'm going to be checking those out soon!

sleek makeup highlight palette
The palette's packaging is very compact, its perfect for adding to your daily make up kit (if you need that highlight all day, errday!) or for traveling!

I like that the highlighters are also a good size and well separated so you don't run the risk of accidentally mixing them up or ruining either of the shades. Also, this palette comes with a small brush but I personally would not recommend you use it because its too stiff that the product would not apply well to your face and also it would hurt your face when you use it to apply the product. 

I would suggest using your clean finger tips to apply the highlighters. If you apply them too much, use a different buffing or blending brush to lessen its intensity. Trust me, don't even bother with the brush on this palette!
sleek makeup highlight palette
Now, the palette I got has four shades of highlighters, there are three cream form and one powder form. I got the palette called precious metals. The other palette I didn't get was named Celestial palette, I think. I'm not entirely sure though.

Personally I think this palette is a good one to have if you're someone whose just about to start dipping their fingers in the world of highlighting because it gives you four different shades that may compliment your skin tone or for you to learn how to use the shades all over your face (because you totally can!)
sleek makeup highlight palette

sleek makeup highlight palette
L-R: Platinum (Cream), Royal Gold (Cream), Renaissance Gold (Cream), Antique Bronze (Powder)
Out of the four shades, my favorite is Platinum because its just so intense! I'm least impressed with Royal Gold because I find that it is too glittery for my taste. I prefer my highlighters to be shimmers,-intense shimmers- but shimmery, meaning that when I apply it to my face, I won't look like I played with glitters or that glitters exploded on my face.

Over all though, I would highly recommend Sleek's highlight palette because I really feel like it will compliment a lot of people and its very affordable too!

Many shades to choose from
Great for beginners
Good Quality
Easy to apply

Some are too glittery (could be a pro, if you prefer that kind of highlighter)
Brush is useless (don't even attempt to use it, you'll just hurt your face!)

Hope you find this post interesting and useful! Happy New Year! Let's hope 2017 will be 365 times better than 2016!



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