22 December 2012



Hey there! I know I should have written this a whole lot sooner but I had a lot of things that piled up on my plate that I could not find the time to squeeze this in! But, better late than never, here it is! part 2 of my Kimstore Experience. If you've visited my blog before, you'd know or probably have seen that I recently bought a camera from KIMSTORE, an online gadget store that sells amazingly cheap products from Apple to Samsung to Sony to other gadgets, Click this for part 1. 

If you don't wanna bother to read that, let me just tell you the overall point of my first blog; it was terrible.
I don't know if this post could be called an improvement or a retraction of my previous post, all I know is that what I write in this post are all facts and is my experience; no sugar coating, no bias which means that, I'm probably gonna be really blunt and straight forward with this post cause since this is a review and my personal experience as a customer, I think I pretty much have to just spit out my side of the business transaction. 

After I posted that blog post, it apparently got to Ms. Kim Lato herself cause I got a phone call from her  the same day apologizing for what I had experienced. Bottom line is, she explained that she already scolded (not exactly the right term, but I can't think of another term) her staff for what had happened to me and my brother. She said that her staff was overwhelmed with the number of customers they had since it the number of people suddenly ordering from them have increased dramatically, basically I just told them that while that would be understandable for a new company, I do not think its acceptable for one that has been open for a while now. She did agree on that and I don't really want to discuss that whole conversation. What we really talked about is that I needed to replace my FujiX10 cause I was having some sensor issues with it (the blooming effect) and since I don't have a fuji warranty, I decided to ask for a replacement in the hopes of getting one with no issues, I mean, I read on some forums that the higher the serial number, the bigger chance of getting one that doesn't have the sensor issue. I at least had to try to do something, right? Anyway, this time around, it was Ms. Kim who I coordinated with, we set a schedule for when the new stocks of the X10's would come and if I could get one we decided on the meet up on a Friday, a week after I got my first cam. 

Come friday, I sent a message to Ms. Kim if the meet up would push thru that day and she gave me a call saying that the stocks had just arrived and we could do the meet up around 6pm at Mcdonald's Wal-mart in Mindanao Ave., This time she also informed me that the person delivering the camera might be a little late since it was a traffic friday that day, she told me to expect the guy to be there around 6:30pm. So knowing that it was gonna be a little late, I didn't rush to do some of my errands as I was with my mum and brother that day. 

2 hours before the meet up, I got a text from someone from KIMSTORE stating the information I needed with regards to the person I was gonna meet up with, I got the name, the number, what he was wearing what time he'll be there (estimated as it was traffic and rush hour) and an apology if I was gonna be kept waiting. 

An hour before the meet up, the guy I was meeting up with, sent me a text saying that he will be there by 6:30PM and also apologizing for the delay, I said it was okay and to just let me know if he was already there. 

When he arrived, he was already meeting up the other clients so I had to wait for a little bit, but that's okay cause as soon as he was done with the first one, he asked me to come over and we did the switch. He apologized again and we did a little bit of small talk before I left. 

After I left, I sent Ms. Kim a text saying that I got the replacement and I thanked her for addressing my concerns. 

I have to say tho that if it weren't for my first post, I probably would not have even gotten a better treatment than the one I had on my first KIMSTORE experience. But I'm happy that it was remedied the second time around. I am concerned though that it might be just a one time thing cause I have recieved a couple of comments from my WordPress blog (I recently just moved my blog here on Blogger and my posts here get automatically published on my WPblog too) that they have had the same issues and that it was really hard for them to contact KIMSTORE to the point that they have been thinking of looking into DBgadgets to buy the products they want instead. 

I honestly still think that KIMSTORE is a good store, I still however think though, that while they made up for my complaints, I think that their customer service isn't being improved as much as possible. I say this because I am still seeing complaints from other buyers about it. Most of it I see on their FB page, Some on forums and of course, the obvious, the few comments I've gotten from my previous blog post.

Thank you Miss Kim for addressing my concerns and I hope that your company continue to strive and I do hope that your customer service has improved the way I experienced it the second time around. I really honestly dont want you to lose new customers just because its difficult for someone to attend to their inquiries and there's almost no coordination with them (that's what I think most of the issues people are having, I think) I really do believe that KIMSTORE is a good business and that it can even be better if you improved your customer experience or address the issues some, if not most of your new clients and maybe even your older ones are having. 

As for me, I'm still not sure if I'd buy from them again, but I'm not closing the door on that idea, they do still offer really competitive prices for brand new quality products, and that is very important especially in today's economy where prices seem to just keep blowing up. :)

What are your thoughts and experiences with KIMSTORE? you never know, they might be reading this. Comment your thoughts and comments down below. :)