29 August 2012


So lately I've been using my SLR a lot, I've been trying to learn how to use it and how to take better photos without relying on the automatic mode a lot, its hard to take photos of different models, especially when I don't really know hoe to use an SLR properly just yet, so I decided that I would use food as my subject, why not right? I love eating it, why not take a photo of what I eat so that I can practice my menial photography skills right? LOL 

enough of my explaining myself, here's a photo I took of some cupcakes my dad and brothers brought home some weekend ago from BGC, in this set, I mostly took shots of the red velvet cup cakes. The red velvets were the ones my brother loved so obviously they had to get more of those than the chocolate ones! BTW, the cupcakes are from Sonja's Cupcakes.

Hope you enjoyed my food post! Apologies if my photos aren't good yet, I'm still a rookie at all this! Hopefully next time, my shots get better!

10 August 2012


Me taking a photo of the relief operation held at our house. Excuse my tacky pajamas, its been raining non-stop and these jammies make me comfy. :)

08 August 2012


Sample Photo.


List of Schools receiving donations! drop by and let's all help out!

Please remember to bring the necessities such as:

Canned Goods
Clothes [underwear (unused of course), shirts, shorts, etc.)
Medicine/First Aid kits
Milk (for babies)
Soap and Shampoo
Clean Water

06 August 2012


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Geared myself with my Doc Martens in Navy Blue Marin to protect me from the rainy-windy weather. Went to dinner with my boyfriend at Mezza Norte. Check out what we ate here.

 Paired my boots with black leggings and a comfy cotton tank top from cotton up and an oversized vintage maong button up long sleeves that belonged to my late grandmother. An effective and comfy get up that kept me warm, I must say.