17 September 2011


17 September 2011
Okay, so I know I've been off the radar for a while now because a. I got boring and had nothing interesting to post about and b. I went to this wonderful place called SINGAPORE. ;)
My mom and I went to singapore last september 7 to 12 so I won't be blogging about it on one post cause that would be too long. Instead, I will just blogging about it one post at a time! ;)
So for this entry, I will blog about our departure from manila and arrival in singapore. Not a lot of stuff happened,  I had my 2D-ECHO in the morning, then ended up going to greenhills with my boyfriend cause the driver thought mom said we'd meet her there, so we ended up eating lunch at GH and also drank happylemon then proceeded to Robinsons manila to actually meet up with mom.
After picking up mom, we headed to the airport, met up with ate Krizzy cause she'll be going to singapore with us since her husband works there. After that, we then went through the process of how airports let us travel and then ate merienda-lunch(lunch for mom, merienda for me) while waiting for our flight number to be called.
exactly after we ate, our flight number was called for boarding, so we went on our journey to singapore! :)
here are some snaps of that day:
Mom got a new digicam from her friend, I used it to take this and most of our singapore shots. I LOVE THIS CAMERA!
We ate at this cafe while waiting for our plane to board. They had free wifi! :)
Mom and I finally inside the plane!
I got carried away with the new camera so I took photos of everything I saw! from the thing that we pass to get to the air plane to the view of the runway in my window seat to the inside of the plane, and finally the view of our airport during take off!
we finally arrived at singapore around 8pm.
I found a lot of interesting signs at the airport! ;)
this was by far the funniest one, I know its not very humorous, but if you think about it, this is the first airport I've been to that actually calculated the time it takes to get to their toilets. :D
on to the arrival and immigration area. :)
we then went to the place we rented and rested for the night! :)
I'll soo post about our first day in singapore! :)

02 September 2011


02 September 2011
Today I went to the NBI main office with my dad to get clearances for my employment in a company and of course, the line was FREAKIN' long! thankfully, dad knew someone from the inside, and like that, we were able to make a long time, short! we finished our whole procedure within 25-30 minutes! literally! Of course, I sort of felt guilty seeing others in the office waiting in the super long lines outside and inside the building filling up application forms and waiting for their turns to do the biometrics and their photos to be taken.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos cause everything was happening so fast!

After that, my dad, brother and I went to eat at mang inasal at SM sta. Mesa cause we went to caritas to get a form for my check up with a cardiologist. When we got to Caritas, my dad was so funny, it was embarrassing! He kept making these joking remarks and also used his caritas card to get a check up form, unfortunately, he didn't know what he wanted to get checked up on so the lady assisting him ended up giving him a form for an annual check up!haha.

We then proceeded to St. Luke's Medical Hospital for my check up with a cardiologist. I showed him a chest Xray of mine. He said that I had a right sided aorta which was a very rare occurrence since it was congenital. Aortas are always usually found on the left side of the heart. So, the doctor told me to get a 2D ECHO so that he could cancel out any possible side effects or irregularities that may cause to the function of my heart since a right sided aorta would usually be accompanied with other irregularities.

After going to the doctor, we headed to trinoma to buy my iBeats from power mac center. :)
I do have photos of my latest purchase! :)
comes with a cute lil pouch to protect the headsets! :)
Then we picked up my brother and his friends and headed home for his sleep over! :D
lovely day! :)